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Led by Senior Attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell, JSBell Law has a Network of Child Custody Attorneys Who Represent Clients Nationwide

What is the best course of action to take after deciding that you need a divorce? How do you choose a law firm that is specialized and experienced in divorce law? How can you be certain that your divorce arrangement will be fair and give you the best result? At JSBell Law, our attorneys are trained to handle all types of divorce issues and will not turn you away regardless of your case’s complexity, the potential financial benefit, or the expected time involved.

JSBell Law helps our clients feel confident that they are getting the best legal services they deserve—from property division and valuation to child custody. Respect, empathy, commitment, and dedication are the values that guide our divorce law practice. Our divorce law attorneys and professionals fight for our clients to get them the maximum value for their divorce arrangement.

Who We Are

JSBell Law is a national law firm composed of experienced attorneys specialized in child custody and divorce law. JSBell Law is based in Dallas, Texas but includes attorneys who are licensed in and live in various states from coast to coast. Our law firm is managed and led by senior attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell—two experienced trial litigators with a success record of high-stakes settlements. Both Dr. Oberheiden and Mr. Bell are licensed to practice law in multiple jurisdictions in the United States, including district courts, circuit courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. We regularly collaborate with local counsel when necessary to represent clients in every state in the country.

About Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is an experienced and aggressive litigator who is known for his effective, detailed, and personalized legal services, empathy for his clients, and successful trial and settlement record. He built his law firm with the sole goal of helping clients get the fresh start in life they deserve. His geographic reach includes almost every state. Dr. Oberheiden has been featured in numerous newspapers, journals, and television appearances—both nationally and internationally. He instills an immediate sense of trust and confidence in his clients through his representation in divorce and child custody matters, including pre- and post-marital agreements, court order enforcement issues, property division, child custody, collaborative divorces, and high net worth divorces.

Meet Dr. Oberheiden, Founding Attorney.

About James Bell

James Bell is a highly skilled trial attorney who is best known for obtaining significant settlements and verdicts, resulting in billions of dollars in savings, recoveries, and compensation for his clients. In 2017, Mr. Bell received the esteemed honor of receiving an award for having secured the largest verdict in the nation. He has years of experience in aggressively fighting for his clients in complex issues of law during negotiations and at trial. Mr. Bell is a passionate litigator, avid researcher, and well-prepared advocate for his clients. He also teaches his skills to other lawyers across the nation and assists other lawyers with their clients’ cases.

Meet James Bell

Our Team of Specialized Child Custody Law Attorneys, Consultants, Experts, Advisers, and Other Professionals

JSBell Law is proud to present its specialized unit of divorce and child custody law attorneys to assist clients across the United States. Our team of specialists includes attorneys, consultants, advisers, experts, and other professionals on an as-needed basis who are trained in assisting clients on all aspects and all types of divorces. Our chosen team of professionals are high-rated and proficient in their respective fields as well as highly recognized in the legal community. JSBell Law operates by maintaining and expanding this team of professionals. We do not believe in hiring junior attorneys, paralegals, research staff, or administrative staff and instead concentrate all our efforts on assisting clients with our dedicated service and lower fees compared to other divorce and child custody law attorneys.

Introducing Clients to JSBell Law

Are you in need of a law firm to handle your divorce and child custody concerns, including all the peripheral issues such as court orders or valuations? Look no further than the professionals at JSBell Law—our team is trained to handle divorces in all 50 states. Below we present five key reasons why clients feel confident in our firm to get them the fresh start they deserve in life:

1. Our Team Has Recovered Over $6 Billion in Savings, Recoveries, and Compensation for Our Clients

To date, we have recovered over $6 billion—and counting—for our clients in savings, recoveries, and compensation packages. Our attorneys and professionals aggressively fight to obtain the most advantageous settlements and verdicts for our clients that not only allows them to retain their life’s work and property but also safeguards their future income. Leading the team, Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell bring years of experience in advocating for their clients from initial negotiations to settlements and finally to litigation at trial.

2. JSBell Law Represents Clients in Child Custody Actions Nationwide

JSBell Law’s team of attorneys—led by Dr. Oberheiden and Mr. Bell—are licensed to practice law in numerous state and federal jurisdictions. We further expand our reach to our clients by affiliating and collaborating with local attorneys on occasion. If you are considering a divorce or are searching for a law firm to handle your child custody concerns, you should know that you never have to settle with your city’s local divorce attorney. At JSBell Law, you do not have to compromise on anything—put the experience, passion, and proven results of JSBell Law on your team today.

3. Only Experienced, Highly Trained Attorneys Will Be Handling Your Case

Our law firm is unique and distinguishable from most other firms in that we only employ senior attorneys and highly skilled professionals. We do not believe in hiring administrative staff or delegating duties to junior attorneys, paralegals, or research staff. When your divorce case is being handled by one of our divorce attorneys, you can be assured that you are in the hands of a senior experienced attorney who always delivers the personalized service and communication you deserve.

4. You Will Never Have to Worry About Spending Money Up Front for Our Services

We will not ask you to pay a retainer upfront nor will we ask you to make regular monthly payments to us. This is not the way JSBell Law operates. Instead, our team of attorneys and professionals advance the costs to pursue your case. This lets our clients know that we are 100% on their side and 100% dedicated to going the extra mile to win their case—and not just to bill them.

5. Our Team of Divorce Attorneys and Professionals Charge Less than Other Divorce Law Firms—Guaranteed

At JSBell Law, our team not only charges less for our services to our clients, but our attorneys are also able to complete most tasks quicker and more efficiently than our competitors. This saves you time, money, and additional expenses, and eliminates needless hassles. If you need assistance with your divorce, contact JSBell Law today.

Brief Q&A Series with Senior Attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and Mr. James Bell

Q: What am I going to receive if I choose JSBell Law to handle my divorce?

When you choose JSBell Law, there are several guarantees that you can count on. First and most importantly, you will be treated with respect and compassion. At JSBell Law, you are not just a case number; you are a person who deserves a unique and individualized approach hand tailored to the facts of your divorce.

Second, you can be assured that you will have access to clear, detailed information about your case with frequent communication with our attorneys and professionals. We work closely with our clients and make it a point to keep our clients in the loop so they can make informed decisions. We are available seven days a week and during the evening hours, nights, and weekends.

Third, you can expect and will receive the most dedicated and aggressive fight for the maximum financial award package for your divorce. Our attorneys and professionals are experienced in obtaining the most advantageous result for our clients and are prepared to accomplish this whether by negotiation, settlement, or litigation at trial. We get results—the results our divorce clients deserve.

Q: How can I get started speaking with and hiring you?

It is both simple and easy to get in contact with one of our divorce law attorneys. We are available 24/7 for a free and confidential consultation. You just have to make the first step by filling out our online contact form or by giving us a call. Our team is ready and eager to speak with you to finalize your divorce, resolve your divorce-related issues, and give you that fresh start in life that you deserve.

Q: Why does JSBell Law charge its clients less compared to other law firms?

There are a couple reasons why our firm charges less to our clients to handle their divorce. First, because we regularly affiliate with local divorce law counsel as opposed to hiring in-house attorneys, we can substantially reduce the costs we charge our clients for their divorce. Second, we truly understand that you are the one who needs to receive a financial award package for your divorce that benefits you to the highest degree. Even though we charge reasonable fees for our services, it is our clients who deserve to take home the most money and receive most advantageous result possible.

Call or Contact an Attorney at JSBell Law for a Free, Confidential, and No-Obligation Consultation

To speak with an attorney at JSBell Law about your divorce and all issues you may be experiencing from the divorce process, call us right away at 866-811-3410 or contact us online. Your initial consultation is free. Our firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but we represent clients nationwide. Do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of divorce law attorneys and professionals today to finalize and resolve your divorce in your favor.

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To speak with a divorce and child custody lawyer at JSBell Law, please call 866-811-3410 or request an appointment online. Our attorneys are available 24/7, and our lawyers can take action immediately if necessary for you.

Contact Us 24/7 to Schedule Your Free Initial
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To speak with a divorce and child custody lawyer at JSBell Law, please call 866-811-3410 or request an appointment online. Our attorneys are available 24/7, and our lawyers can take action immediately if necessary for you.

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