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When your assets, property, finances, and future income are at stake in a divorce proceeding, results matter. Here are key reasons why clients nationwide choose JSBell Law to handle their divorce.

At JSBell Law, it is our mission to obtain a substantial divorce arrangement for our clients that maximizes the divorce’s value to our clients. We are devoted to strong, professional, and passionate representation and have a proven success record of achieving over $6 billion in compensation and recoveries for our clients.

When you are going through a divorce, the entire process needs to be handled appropriately. You need an attorney who is trained at listing all your assets, arranging valuation, negotiating custody agreements, interpretation marital agreements, etc. At JSBell Law, we provide these services and more with the core objective of giving our clients a fresh start in life.

Demonstrated Experience and a Successful Track Record in Both Routine and Complex Divorce Cases

Because ethical rules limit what we can say about our past successes, we are unable to promote cases we have previously handled. Despite these restrictions, JSBell Law is 100% transparent with our clients. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, there are several features of our services and representation that we can guarantee:

1. We will fight to obtain the most beneficial divorce arrangement for you in your divorce case.

We fight to get our clients the maximum financial award package for their divorce. Working with local counsel, trusted exerts, and other professionals, we use our experience, skill, and work ethic to finalize and settle our clients’ divorces in our clients’ favor.

2. Only highly experienced divorce attorneys and professionals will handle your divorce case.

JSBell Law does not employ junior attorneys, research staff, paralegals, or administrative staff, unlike other law firms. We instead use only senior attorneys—together through collaboration with local counsel—to handle our clients’ cases with both experience and commitment in a personalized manner.

3. We will use our experience and skill gained in prior cases to advise you.

Our senior attorneys—Dr. Nick Oberheiden and Mr. James Bell—combine their years of experience with their strategic negotiation and litigation tactics to guide clients through all aspects of a divorce proceeding. Dr. Oberheiden and Mr. Bell can help clients decide when it is better to settle issues in their divorce versus when it is better to litigate their divorce in court.

4. We will not give up unless you are satisfied with the financial result and arrangement of your divorce.

We do not give up without putting forth an aggressive fight. Our negotiation techniques during settlement talks and forceful litigation strategies at trial are filled with unwavering dedication and commitment to obtain the highest financial award package for our clients’ divorces. If you are seeking a law firm that is prepared to handle complexity amid uncertainty and is prepared to go the extra mile, then you need JSBell Law.

5. Our attorneys and professionals will ensure that you are kept up to date on all aspects of your case.

We keep our clients informed on all aspects of their divorce case, including how much they can expect to recover. Instead of emphasizing settlement like other law firms do, we try our hardest to make sure our clients receive the highest financial divorce arrangement possible.

Cases We Handle at JSBell Law

Our experience entails obtaining successful settlements and verdicts for our clients in all types of divorce-related issues. You can be certain that when you choose JSBell Law, you have chosen a law firm with attorneys and professionals who have decades of experience handling divorce cases and fighting for their clients’ rights. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation and to hear more about our expertise in divorce-related issues such as the following: general and complex divorces, pre- and post-marital agreements, collaborative divorces, high net worth divorces, child custody, and court order enforcement.

Learn More About Your Case from the Experienced Attorneys and Professionals at JSBell Law

If you are interested in speaking with one of our experienced attorneys regarding your divorce case, do not hesitate to contact us right away to schedule a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys are available to speak with you 24/7 and during evening hours, weekends, and nights. To discuss your divorce and any divorce-related issues you are having in confidence, call JSBell Law at 866-811-3410 or request your free initial consultation online now.

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