How can a Father win Custody?

Fathers often ask what rights they have when it comes to winning custody of their children. This is because many people believe that fathers and mothers have different rights when it comes to child custody. In reality, both parents have exactly the same rights when it comes to custody. In Texas, the best interest of the child is the standard by which the court will judge both parents’ request for custody. So, in order for a father to be granted custody, either sole or joint custody, he must demonstrate to the judge that it would be in the best interest of the child. There are many things that a father can do to show the judge that granting him custody is in the best interest of his children.

Make time for the children.
If a father has not been a big part of his children’s lives while married, it will be difficult to show that giving him custody is in their best interest. Judges often look at how active a parent is in his children’s lives to judge how important custody is to him. This can be a challenge for many fathers because they are working a great deal of the time to support the children. Even if this is your situation, focus on the quality of time that you spend with your children. Quality time can be working on homework, preparing and eating meals with the children, and doing activities with the children. Try to be a part of every aspect of your children’s lives as much as possible.

Cooperate with the mother in co-parenting the children.
One of the most important things to the court is how the parent works with the other parent regarding the children. Judges view parents who work together in a cooperative and peaceful manner as parents who put their children’s interest before their own. Even if the mother is uncooperative, you must demonstrate that you have gone out of your way to accommodate her needs and, more importantly, the children’s needs. A father who can show that he continues to work with a difficult and angry mother may very well convince a judge that custody for him, rather than the mother, is in the best interest of the child. It is a good idea to keep track of any times that the mother is unwilling to co-parent with you.

Know your rights.
It is very important for a father to know that he has rights, and that they are the same rights that the mother has. Because many fathers believe that they have different and fewer rights than the mother of the child, some fathers will simply accept any custody situation that is offered to them. Don’t make this mistake. If your children are a priority in your life, fight for the best custody that you can get. Take the steps that you need to take in order to achieve what you feel is best for your children: demonstrate your love and affection for your children, hire an attorney to explain your rights and to fight for what you want, and don’t give up.

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